Michelle Gentry is a licensed Cosmetologist with over 30 years of experience and has focussed on Aesthetics with more depth scopes of the skin structure, healing and care, cosmetic makeup applications and waxing hair removal. 

In 2016, Michelle became certified in Microblading and has trained with Phibrows and Baltic Brows, the world-leading experts in Microblading.  

She also became certified in Classic Eyelash Extensions with Babe Lash.

In 2018 Michelle received Certification in Permanent Cosmetics, with Nouveau Contour, focussing on Eyebrows & Eyeliner.

With continued education, Michelle has received numerous additional certifications in the Permanent Cosmetic field and continues to advance with new techniques and products.

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Michelle has a quiet, private room in the back of our studio so that you may have both a professional and relaxing experience!


Anyone that wants to restore or reshape their brows will love this procedure, as it gives the eyes a lift! This is a semi-permanent cosmetic solution to issues such as over tweezed, over-waxed, or thinning eyebrows. 


We offer several techniques for brow micropigmentation. During your personalized consultation we will help you determine the best technique for your brows:


MICROBLADING - A process that involves implanting pigment into hair-like strokes to replicate the look of real hairs. 

POWDER BROWS - A shading technique that gives a diffused powder appearance, much like makeup. 


BLADE & SHADE - A technique that combines shading with hair strokes to create a multidimensional looking brow.  This technique is a good choice for clients that have little to no hair.


These treatments, when following aftercare instructions, last 12 to 18 months, with natural looking results.

(Individual results may vary)


Other BROW services include Henna

Cosmetic Pigmentation




BLADE & SHADE  -  $525


Follow up Maintenance for Microblading and Powder Brows up to:

  • 6-8 Weeks - $100

  • Up to 12 months  -  $250

  • 24 months   -  $350

  • full price after 24 months


A semi-permanent lashing technique that involves applying one lash at a time, enhancing your eyes instantly. Your eyes will appear bigger and brighter, while adding length and thickness to your lashes.


During the consultation, your artist will ask a little bit about you to personalize and determine the best design for your eyes.


Maintenance is between 2-3 weeks to fill-in and keep your lashes full. 








Imagine no more frustrations putting eyeliner on or keeping it on! Smudges, smears, or worn-off eyeliner will no longer be a problem and who doesn’t want to wake up with sexy eyes! Perfect all the time!


A semi-permanent cosmetic solution for anyone with allergies, contact lens sensitivities, dexterity issues, vision problems or an active lifestyle.  Besides the convenience, this cosmetic procedure will help add depth, definition, and lift to the eyes. The eyes will appear larger and more striking, and lashes will appear thicker and fuller.


We offer several options for micropigmentation eyeliner, consult with our artists to determine the best options for your eyes:


UPPER EYELINER - a classic or smoky liner above lashes.

LOWER EYELINER - a thin liner along lower lashes.

Or a combination of UPPER AND LOWER EYELINER.

Permanent Makeup




Follow up Maintenance:

  • 6-8 weeks - $100

  • Up to 12 months $200

  • Full price after 12 months


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